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Welcome To MimizMuzic Studio

“The study of music and the habits of discipline that it enforces are not a frill, but the best possible preparation for other endeavors – life, for instance.”


-Richard Dyer, Boston Globe music critic

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My Story


My mission is to instill in my students a lasting love and respect for

music that will enrich their lives for years to come.

With a B.M.Ed, from Butler University, M.M. from Western Michigan University, and Special Studies at Indiana University, I not only learned piano performance, but also Piano Pedagogy - the study of how to teach piano.

Since I first began teaching almost 30 years ago, my results have consistently been a testament to the fact that my methods work for all ages and levels, beginner to advanced. In the course of education, it is a rare opportunity when a student receives 100% of the teacher’s undivided attention for a full 30-60 minutes.  To be able to provide this through the bond of music -- which has been a basic essential of education and the humanities for several centuries -- is an honor for me.  The relationship between piano teacher and student can grow strong, and in many cases teacher and student become life-long friends.  I look forward to helping you reach your goals. Get in touch today so we can start working together.

My Story

Why Study Piano?

Studies show those who play piano are giving their brain a healthy workout.  Every time you play piano you are using your logical, creative, visual, auditory, emotional, and motor functions….all at once!   Because you are strengthening your brain by exercising your mind, your neural connections, language skills, memory, and coordination all improve.  


It’s never too late to learn piano.  Adults who learn to play piano notice an improvement in dexterity and concentration as well as a decrease in fatigue, anxiety, and depression.   Piano lessons are a powerful way to exercise your mind and soothe your soul


For both children and adults, studying piano can:

  • Assist in time management

  • Improve your math skills

  • Improve cognitive development

  • Teach you to persevere

  • Strengthen your finger, hand, wrist muscles

  • Increase your concentration and focus

  • Improve your memory

  • Help you better express your thoughts and feelings

  • Build your self-confidence and poise

  • Improve your coordination

  • Stimulate your imagination

  • Increase your self-expression

  • Encourage you to work without supervision

  • Increase your patience

  • Help you develop more self-discipline

  • Foster deeper appreciation for diverse array of music

Why Studio Piano


Audrey A.
My daughter has been taking lessons from Miss Mimi for two years. She's a great teacher -- friendly and knows how to have a good laugh, but definitely no-nonsense when it comes to doing the work. I like how she expects the students to do their part and helps them set realistic expectations for their progression. I've seen consistent improvement in my daughter's abilities, and she looks forward to her lessons every week. Mimi is definitely the type of teacher who works well with students who are academically focused and appreciate that all learning requires discipline.

Louis D.
As an adult learner I had several unsuccessful experiences with prior teachers. Mimi has truly provided the inspiration and learning methods that suits my learning style. I would not hesitate to recommend her for students of any age or level.

Lydia M.
I took lessons with Mimi from kindergarten through senior year and it was the best decision my parents made! She taught me so much and instilled a lifelong love of music in me. She is an amazing teacher, and I cannot recommend her enough!


Joshua A.
We are very fortunate to have Mimi as my Son's Piano teacher for many years. He enjoys playing piano and practice every day, she is a pro, strict, caring and great passion for music. We enjoy attending recital every year and watch amazing performance of all her students irrespective of age.

Anonymous feedback

Thank you for your wonderful impact as a music teacher and mentor.  My children respect you very much and realize how gifted you are as a teacher! 

Thank you so much for putting together an amazing Recital. We really enjoyed it.
The time and effort you put into teaching piano lessons is amazing.  You are the best piano teacher who teaches from your heart.


Studio Policies

Studio Policies

My Responsibilities

I promise to provide a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning.   I will teach the language of music to my students.  I will tailor the curriculum to the student’s specific needs and in the case of adult students, select for study the genre of music the student requests.  I will offer performance and enrichment opportunities .  I will instill  a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning and guide each student toward musical independence.  I will do this by teaching and expanding on the fundamentals of music:  rhythm, melody, and harmony, as well as ear-training, theory, technique, and a varied repertoire.

Parent Responsibilities

Successful students come from homes in which there is an expectation from parents of daily practice and a commitment to the long term process of learning to play piano. Parental encouragement, reminders, planning, and rewards are essential. 

By enrolling your child in piano lessons, you as parent are making this

commitment to guide your child through this process.

Parents can support by:

  • Assisting in arranging the time for child’s daily practice

  • Showing interest in child’s daily practice

  • Helping younger children organize practice time

  • Reviewing the weekly lesson assignment with your child

  • Providing an acoustic piano in good condition (keyboards should have 88 keys, weighted keys, and pedals)

  • Ensuring student arrives at each lesson punctually with all music and assignment books

  • Checking your email regularly; communication is by email

  • Keeping in touch; ask questions as needed

Drop-off and Pick-up

Arriving at your lesson 5 minutes early is a good idea so you can remove your coat and gather your books.  If you arrive 10 minutes late, you will have a 10 minute shorter lesson.  Prompt pick up is equally expected.  Please understand that if students must wait for pick up, they will most likely be waiting alone.  MimizMuzic Studio is not responsible for unsupervised students.



  • Lesson time spent with student

  • Selecting and ordering music for each student 

  • Recital venue and programs

  • Group lesson workshops

  • Education level and number of years of experience

  • Professional memberships


          30 minute private lesson $160 per month

          45 minute private lesson $225 per month

          60 minute private lesson $285 per month



          4 x 30 minute private lessons $145

This option is for students who think they might like to take piano, but simply aren't sure yet.  Contact the studio today for more details!


          45 minute partner lesson $160 per month per student (students must be similar age and level)


          Teaching the primary elements of music can be very successfully conveyed to 6-10 year olds

          via Partner Lessons.  In fact, the stimulating social interaction between the pair is an

          atmosphere ideal for learning.


          45 minutes; 8 lessons (8 weeks);  $325 per student

Saturdays 9-9:45am and 10-10:45am 

This program is designed for children ages 4-6 who love music, singing, and particularly, the piano.  It nurtures the young student's musical curiosity as they begin to learn the language of music.   With a maximum of four children in each group, students will love "making" music before actually "reading" music by way of exploring rhythms, using percussion instruments, finding the steady beat, and engaging in movement games and song. We will learn the names of the 7 piano keys, what music notes look like, and the difference between Up-Right-High and Down-Left-Low on the keyboard.  We will not only improvise original tunes, but we will also pick out many of our favorite melodies on both black and white keys. Later, when students are ready to begin private piano instruction, they will be much better prepared. 


Enrollment in Private / Standard, includes 37 scheduled lessons. 
Lesson cost is divided equally over ten months, September thru June, resulting in ten equal monthly payments.


  • Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of each month

  • Monthly statements will not be mailed

  • A $20 Late Fee per student is assessed if tuition is not received by the close of business on the 10th of the month.

  • Payment may be submitted by personal check or scheduled as auto-bill pay from your bank

  • Tuition is effective September 1, 2023


Each student pays an annual Registration Fee for

  • Office Hours spent on email and phone calls

  • Administrative bookkeeping

  • Scheduling and re-scheduling lessons

  • Tuning, maintenance, and climate control for studio pianos

  • Studio overhead and supplies

  • Website cost, maintenance

The Registration Fee is collected with the Enrollment Form, Tuition, and Music Deposit at the first lesson in September.



Each student pays an annual Music Deposit Fee.  The Deposit Fee will be held and drawn from to purchase all music books, sheet music, and materials used during the entire year for the student as needed. An up-to-date account balance will be available to you at any time upon request.  Any money remaining in your account at year end will be refunded to you.  You will be billed if more money needs to be added to your account.


Students receive a 5% tuition discount if annual tuition is paid in full in September. 


Refer a new student who enrolls in lessons for at least three months and receive $100 cash.

Recital and Performance Opportunities

In addition to the annual Spring Recital, June 1, 2024, there are typically several opportunities to perform with, or for other students through the year.  Given the current season where we're all navigating impacts from COVID-19, we will certainly pause traditional group gatherings.  We will "play by ear" how to address performance opportunities as the year progresses.


Generally, opportunities to showcase student progress with smaller audiences are a highlight of the Fall season, including a Piano Party, and celebrating with seasonal tunes.  Throughout the year other opportunities to perform in the community may arise, as well as participation in the MMTA competitions as appropriate.  There will also be random At-Home Recitals so I can meet the family and see your piano. 


Periodically through the year, a week will be devoted to Group Lessons.  Group lessons enhance the private lesson and are held in lieu of private lessons on group weeks.  In addition to performing for each other, we may practice ear training, theory, study a composer, play music games, reinforce rhythmic concepts, etc.  Students always enjoy Group Lessons because not only is it a great chance to meet other students and enjoy some camaraderie, but it is just plain fun! 

Missed Lessons and Cancellations

Please try to select a lesson time in which you feel confident you will have no conflicts.  A student who does not attend a lesson for any reason (other than illness, family emergency, or school event) will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  It will not be rescheduled.


Students are allowed to reschedule one lesson from September thru January and one lesson from February thru June because of any of the allowable reasons (illness, family emergency, school event).    Any accrued make-up lesson must be used by July 1.

Rescheduling will not be available for other reasons.  (Examples: transportation issues, sport conflicts, vacations, etc.)

Reschedules may occur in the form of a group or partner lesson if individual times are not available.

Students who are ill with a drippy nose or persistent cough, should not attend lessons.  If you are too sick to attend school, you are too sick to attend your lesson.  The Studio reserves the right to send students home who are ill and attend their lesson anyway. 

Tuition is non-refundable.   Piano tuition is a flat monthly fee, analogous to housing/rent.  Payment is due regardless of usage.


Students who notify the Studio after 12pm to cancel their lesson for that day will forfeit that lesson.  It will not be rescheduled.   Advance notice is preferred so your lesson time can hopefully be filled by another student.

Any lesson cancelled by the Studio will definitely be made up.


If school is cancelled for a snow day, WE WILL HAVE LESSONS IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO TRAVEL ON THE ROADS AND IF THE STUDIO DRIVEWAY IS ACCESSIBLE.  The Studio will contact you personally and we can discuss circumstances on a case by case basis.

Discontinuing Lessons

One month's notice in writing is required if you wish to discontinue lessons any time during the year.  If notice is not given, you are responsible for the following month's tuition.


Calendar 2023-2024

Piano Calendar 2023-2024.JPG
Practice Tips

Practice Tips

Practice is the Key to Success.  Musical practice comes thorough Practice, Persistence, and Patience.

Practice is defined as an action done again and again to improve a skill.  As a parent, you are making an investment.  Safeguard your investment by ensuring your child makes TIME to practice. Lack of time to practice is the #1 reason students come to their lesson unprepared.  Do not over-schedule.  Parents can help children find time by re-arranging schedules or eliminating some of their activities.

Check on your child's practice progress during the week.  Read the written assignment to help your child follow directions

Successful, satisfying piano study is dependent upon consistent practice habits.  Make practice part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth!

"8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently"

 “Not Until You’ve Done Your Practice:   The classic survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing.”

Top Four Practice Tips

1. Aim for 5 to 6 days of practice EVERY week. 

2. Practice right after your lesson when everything is fresh in your mind.

3. Practice short sections, a few measures at a time, not the whole piece.

4. Do not set a timer or attempt to cover your entire assignment.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Mimi Rendish
MimizMuzic Studio, Acton Center, MA

(978) 263-5689

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